90 Day Product Goal Framework

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90 Day Product Goal Framework

Nicole St. Germain

As a product creator, I was tired of failing to meet my long term goals. 

Launch day would come and go and I would have nothing to show for it. 

So I created a system to keep me on track and on task as I got set to launch my products. 

You can read about why 90 Day Goals work here.

If you purchase the 90 Day Product Goal Framework, you'll get:

  • a workbook with actionable exercises to create and achieve SMART 90 Day Goals 
  • a template to input your goals and action items
  • an inside look at how I use this system in my own product creation
  • a BONUS example 90 Day Launch Plan

90 Day Product Goals Framework is a product of TakeBetterNotes.com.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll receive a PDF & Excel file.

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